Salinos chair – you can sit on it for hours. It is extremely comfortable and stylish. The soft seat and backrest are very comfortable, and the unique form makes the chair pleasing to the eye. Thanks to the pinch of modern elegance and classic charm, Salinos chair fits into many arrangements.



IMM Spring Edition 2023 in Cologne

The 2023 Tiado Collection was unveiled in an 80-square-meter space that perfectly encapsulated the essence of an elegant, informal, and distinctive lifestyle. The exhibition showcased the new Tiba and Vivo seating systems in settings that exuded warmth and relaxation. These settings were carefully designed to create a sense of tranquility through exquisite combinations of materials and colors. The upholstered furniture, made with elegant earth-tone fabrics, was expertly paired with accessories crafted from wood, metal, and leather.


Brussels Furniture Fair in 2022

The fair, occupying an area of 80 square meters, showcased a wide range of items elegantly presented from our entire collection. As visitors entered, they were greeted by a stunning arrangement of Mida chairs paired with the new Lara table. Continuing through the display, the Esto and Padi chairs were featured alongside our popular tables.



Our chairs and armchairs are offered in various variants. We create furniture of different styles to match to the tastes of our customers, as well as the character and design of their rooms. Chairs have been designed to provide the highest seating comfort. The spring system and high-quality HR foam used in the seats provide a sense of comfort and softness while guaranteeing long-term durability.



Our tables are made of solid, appropriately selected wood. We offer tables with straight or scalloped edge tops which reflect the natural structure of tree rings. As a result, our tables look natural and unique.



We offer a wide selection of chairs and tables. When choosing the chairs and tables from our collection you are sure that the furniture will create a matched set.

Handmade furniture

Each chair is handmade. We manufacture our furniture not on stock but on individual customer request.

Thoughtful design

The success of our company is based on thoughtful design, highly qualified staff and the use of high quality components in our furniture production.

Comfort and durability

Each of our modern chair must be comfortable and durable, made on metal frame with mounted springs.